Tuesday, March 15, 2016

8+ Interview questions in C#.Net and ASP.NET

Here with i am planning to share the interview questions asked for different company. I hope this will help you for job seekers.

Interview questions
27-02-2016 iBox
1. What is visual studio online
2. What is use of code analyzer
3.NUnit test how to write and every time it will go for database for value check or some other method to use for that.
4.Static class use and where can use
5.Difference between abstract and interface
6.Difference between web service and WCF services
7.What is Cross page/code scripting
8.What is MVC and advantages
9.VS 2015 features
10.what is JSON and what is the use.
11. Difference between JQuery and java script.
12. Method overload and override.
13. Difference between Dataset and DataReader.
14. What is Cross page postback
15. what is Nugat and have you used?
16. What is the use of multi inheritance in c#

31-03-2016 :RRD
Timing : 1 Hr

1.    Tell me about yourself.
2.    Tell me your strength and weakness in Technically
3.    Explain .Net Framework and tell me about CTS,CLS, JIS and MSIL and the flow
4.    Explain your project architecture and data flow.
5.    What is MangoDB and advantage of that. Can I store N number of records?
6.    What is SQLLite and who developed that or who released?
7.    What is the difference between SVN and Perforce source controls.
8.    What is FFMPEG and how fast its convert the video files.
9.    What is the new feature in .NetFramework 3.5 (VS2008)
10.     Have you done any code review?

1.    How to do performance tuning  in SQL
2.    Tell me Type of join and difference between INNER JOIN and LEFT OUTER JOIN
3.    What is sql constrain and explain
4.    What are the index are available in SQL and explain
5.    Difference between Inner join and Union
6.    Difference between Temp table and Global temp table and life time of temp table
7.    I have two table in my View and DBA deleted one of the table column in the table, Then what will happen while running select query and how you will prevent to delete column from in table
8.    What is Profiler
9.    Different type of index in SQL and explain.
10.    Difference between temp table and act table. Which one is good?
11.    What is primary key and foreign key
12.    Difference between stored procedure and function
13.    Hoe to capture error in SQL and how to return error log ID
14.    What is DEAD lock and how to prevent that.

1.    What is oops and explain
2.    What is class
3.    What is Polymorphism and explain the Run time and compile time polymorphism , Where can we use this
4.    What is encapsulation
5.    What is the default access modifier of class and what is the default access modifier of Interface.
6.    Difference between Abstract and interface. Where can I use this both?
7.    What is sealed class?
8.    How to achieve multiple inheritance in C#.
9.    What are the design patterns are available. Explain singleton patterns, Iterate pattern (if you using foreach in your patters means you are using Iterate pattern)
10.     Explain SOLID
11.    What is Static class in C#?
12.    What is struct class?
13.    What is Assembly and Type of Assembly? What is private and public assembly?
14.    What is static assembly?
15.    What is DLL and tell me the Difference between EXE and DLL?
16.    How to register the assembly?   

1.    Tell me Page life cycle.
2.    When I give www.google.com what will happen and explain the flow.
3.    Tell me Client side state management and server side state management.
4.    What is Application Object and what are the types are available. Where the application object available.
5.    Type of session management in Server.
6.    What is authentication and authorization, what are the authorizations are available and how to achieve on that.
7.     What is passport authorization and how to implement?
8.    What is Tracing and how to enable that?
9.    How to Host aps.net application in IIS.
10.    What is application pool, worker process?
11.    What is httpHandler and httpmodule.
12.    Explain the response and request in IIS and how IIS handling this.
13.    What is web service and how to use it?
14.    How to secure the webservice.
15.    What is WSDL?
16.    What is SOAP?
17.    What is Serialization and De-Serialization.
18.    What is JOSON Serialization?
19.    Have you worked any payment gate way, Have you used any Encryption method in your project.
20.    What is query string and how to secure that?
21.    How to get text box value in Javascript.
22.    What are the client side validations are available.
23.    What is JSON?
24.    What is latest IIS version?
25.    Have you worked any cloud server and hosted any website in cloud.

1.    Difference between Data Adapter and Data Reader
2.    Which one is connected architecture and disconnected architecture
3.    What is Dataset
4.    What is Entity