Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Windows application interview questions

Winforms interview questions :
The below are the interview questions for 5 and 6+ experience person's in visual studio.Net..
1. About constrains.
3. About Assemply
4. How to use Delay in C#
5. What is Aggration, Composition, Association in C#. Net
6. About Application pool
7. Difference between Dock and anchor
8. How to release unmanaged code in C#. Net
9. What is Com Component
10. Difference between Data Reader and Data Adapter
11. How to export data to Excel in C#
12. How to configure Proxy in your application
13. What will happen the below SQL trigger.
Trigger--> Inside one more Trigger --> And one more trigger
If trigger 3 have some expection means what will happen.
14. Tell me Background workers Three events ?
15. Write simple print string function using Oops concept in C#. Net .
16. What is Statict class?
17. With out constructer can i call the class ?.
18. Explain the type of Webservices.
19. Explain SDLC

In MS SQL Interview Questions

ID Name
1 vijay
2 antonu
3 yuvan
4 sekar

Id Address
1 Saidapet
2 Matha Nagar
2 Madipakkam

What was the output of Below Query?
select * from TableA,TableB

Result: 16 Rows 

What was the output of below query?
select A.ID,A.Name,B.Address from TableA as A

Result: 5 Rows 

What was the Result of below SQL query?
select ID Name from TableA

Result: Column Name ID changed to Name

ASP.NET Interview question:

What is JQuery?
What is Lambda expression?
How to do Unit Testing?
Are You using Any Design patterns?
Explain your Project architecture

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